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April 16th 1941 – the Little Theatre and the Victoria Hall were both destroyed in the bombing. The Royalty Hall, along with other Church Halls, was used for various productions throughout the rest of the war. Several productions were given in Barnes Park as part of the ‘Holidays at Home’ policy.

The Royalty Hall was negotiated on a lease instead of play to play as from May 2nd 1946. This included the hall and three other rooms.

The British Drama League Full Length Play Festival
“Anna Christie” – Eugene O’Neill
February 28th 1947 – Aberdare
Placed First

The Harrogate Drama Festival
“The Silver Chord” – Sidney Howard
October 23rd 1947
Placed Second
Best Individual Male Performance – Desmond Pratt – David Phelps

The Harrogate Drama Festival
“Dog For Delmont” – Joseph Colton (This play later became The Gay Dog)
October 26th 1948
Placed First