The Royalty Theatre is run by, and belongs to, the volunteer members that produce, perform in, and watch our shows. We create theatre and entertainment for the benefit of the community and are always looking for new members to either be a part of our regular audiences or get involved in all aspects of our shows.

If you are interested in getting involved in any aspect of the theatre, why not come down to one of our social nights on a Friday? One of our members will be able to have a chat with you regarding how to get started in the area you wish to be involved in. Alternatively, get in touch with us via the contact page with any questions you may have before coming along.

Confirmed Auditions

We have several exciting opportunites to join the cast of our annual family Pantomime! Come and join us for singing, dancing, and laughs, culminating in 16 performances of our adaptation of J.M. Barrie's timeless classic! A fantastic festive experience which is always an audience favourite!

Become a Member

Anyone can become a member of The Royalty Theatre, whether you want to get involved or just enjoy our shows.

Full Season Memberships are £45 (£40 concessions) and include admission to all main stage productions. The ticket also includes membership to the theatre with all due entitlements.

Those who wish to get involved with us would need to become an Active Member and will be asked to pay £20 per year to join the theatre. This membership will entitle members to one half price ticket for each production, and allows the individual to get involved with as many or as few aspects of our productions as they wish. Information on the different departments you can get involved with is listed below.

On Stage

All of our Actors and Directors are volunteers and we are always looking to expand and diversify our pool of actors. The best way to get involved is to keep an eye on our Facebook page or right here on for our latest audition dates.

All auditions are open to all over 16 (unless stated), regardless of experience and are open to members and non-members.  No preparation is required, but please turn up about 15 minutes early so that we can take some details.

Unless otherwise stated readings and auditions start at 7.30pm and usually finish between 9pm – 9.30pm. There is no limit to the number of auditions or readings you attend, but you should be aware we can’t guarantee acting parts to anyone, no matter how enthusiastic they are.

Production rehearsal dates and times will be set by the Director. Usually actors are required for a six to seven week rehearsal period before the start of the production. Actors rehearse three nights per week, usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday, starting at 7.30pm finishing between 9.30 – 10.00pm.

The week before a production starts is referred to as Dress Rehearsal week, during this week actors will generally be required for three or four nights from 6.30pm onwards. There is always a dress rehearsal on the Sunday before the production starts. The time for this is set by the Director and therefore will vary.


Every show we produce requires technicians to design, set up and operate the lighting and audio. If you are interested in becoming a member of our technical team, regardless of experience, we’d love to have you on board.

Our Technical Manager, Andrew Barella, and established technicians are able to provide full training on both lighting and sound which will prepare you to use and operate all of our technical equipment effectively and safely.

Set, Staging and Backstage

Bringing a Director’s vision of their set to life on our stage is an area which can vastly improve the overall experience and success of a production. The Director and Stage Manager are responsible for most of the design and planning of our sets but we are always looking for more hands on deck in terms of building and executing this aspect of our shows.

We are always looking for people who would be willing to build, paint and dress our sets as well as aid in the backstage management of a show during it’s run.

Costume and Props

Our Wardrobe department is vital to the success of our productions. The work involved is two fold; firstly, the general house keeping, cataloguing and cleaning of the extensive collection of costumes in wardrobe. Secondly, providing costumes for the shows in production. This involves taking measurements, researching period and style and, finding and fitting the actors. Members of Wardrobe are, on occasion, required during the run of a production to help with costume changes and emergency mending.

The props used to dress the set and by actors during a performance are also incredibly important to the overall production. The role of props organiser involves liaising with the director about which props are needed. Gathering or buying props needed ready for the start of the run. The props person also needs to be on hand during the run of the play to make sure everything is in place and in working order for the start of each show.

Show Night Experience

A trip to The Royalty Theatre is not just about what happens onstage and backstage, and we look to give our audience’s the best experience possible when attending a show. This is where we need our members and volunteers to be a part of the overall Show Night Experience.

This begins when an audience member purchases their ticket. A lot of The Royalty Theatre’s patrons are still a fan of purchasing their tickets from the on-site Box-Office. Having extra help and support for our Box-Office Manager, Julie Carney, would allow for this facility to offered more regularly to our members.

Throughout a show’s run, we are always in need of volunteers to assist in areas such as: Front of House, Box-Office and Bar.

These are all areas in which full training is provided, and allow you to be the welcoming face of The Royalty Theatre, and enhance the overall experience our audiences have on any given evening.