The Royalty Theatre is run by, and belongs to, the volunteer members that produce, perform in, watch and assist with the running of our shows. We create theatre and entertainment for the benefit of the community and are always looking for new members to either be a part of our regular audiences or get involved in all aspects of our shows.

There are many ways to get involved:

Fancy treading the boards?  Come along to one of our auditions, held usually two or three months before a show.  No experience necessary.

Don't fancy being in front of an audience?  No problem.  We're run by volunteers who do everything from technical work, helping backstage, preparing props and costumes, running the bar and box office, front-of-house and a plethora of other tasks.  See here for more information on volunteering.

If you don't quite want to commit yourself to anything just yet but would like to get to know our people and what we do a little better, then come along to one of our social evenings.  These are most Fridays in our bar and some are specifically designed with new and prospective members in mind.

Of course, you'd be most welcome just to come down and see our shows (after all, that's what we're here for!).  The cheapest way to do this if you fancy seeing a lot of what we do is through a membership, which gets you a free ticket for each show, as well as the knowledge that you're supporting local arts.