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OUR 2021/22 SEASON


Audacity by Simon Mawdsley - February 14th-19th Directed by Michael Fletcher and Caroline Chapman

Philip is going through a messy divorce. To make himself some money and give his life a boost of adrenalin, he devises a cunning scheme to rob the London Department store, Jarvis and Klein, of its daily takings.

He needs help, however, so he enlists John, an ex-stationery salesman sacked for fiddling his expenses, and Dave, another salesman with a hugely expensive lifestyle, as his partners in crime.


From Friday December 10th, the use of face coverings in public venues such as theatres is once again mandatory (unless medically exempt). The Royalty Theatre would therefore ask that audience members wear a face covering, where possible, throughout their time within the theatre. We also advise continued use of hand sanitisation stations which are situated throughout the premesis, signing in using the NHS QR code, and ask that any instructions given by RT Staff are followed.

Please also note that, from the 15th of December, certain venues require an NHS Covid Pass or proof of negative lateral-flow test in order to gain entry. The Royalty Theatre is not one of these venues due to our maximum capacity and you will not be asked for proof of either of these in order to enter the premesis.

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 and are booked to see a performance, please do not attend the theatre. Please contact [email protected] and explain that you are unable to attend and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for your co-operation.


California Suite by Neil Simon - March 21st-26th Directed by Corinne Kilvington

A humorous confection divided into four parts: 

In Visitor from New York, Hannah, a magazine writer, is joined by her ex-husband, the question being with whom should their daughter spend the next six months? The banter flies fast and furious, but Hannah's well-wrought artifice crumbles as her fears take hold.

The Visitor from Philadelphia is a wife who arrives at the suite, catching her husband "en flagrante delicto" with a drunken hooker.

Visitors from London Academy Award nominee Diana returns from the ceremony empty-handed to her husband, Sidney, whose homosexuality will be no comfort tonight.

The Visitors from Chicago are two couples ending a disastrous vacation they should not have shared.

Neil Simon at his most humane, compassionate best.

The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh - April 20th-23rd Directed by Alex Goodchild (Studio Production)

Katurian, a writer of short fiction stories, is brought in for questioning by the police. Why? He doesn't know.

His writing doesn't have any political message that would go against the totalitarian regime Detectives's Tupolski and Ariel represent. Despite this, Katurian, his brother Michal, and a folder of his literary works are at the centre  of a gruesome investigation.

Join us in our Studio Theatre for Martin McDonagh's dark tale of loyalty, legacy and the lasting effects of physical and psychological abuse.

PLEASE NOTE: This play contains very strong language, depictions of violence/torture, and vocabulary relating to mental illness which some audiences may find disturbing or offensive. A minimum viewer age of 16+ is recommended.

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw - May 16th-21st Directed by Andrew Barella

Pygmalion; the play which became "My Fair Lady".

A young cockney flower girl is transformed into a lady by phonetics professor Henry Higgins.

Eliza Doolittle wants to improve her life and social standing, and overhears two gentlemen challenging each other about the importance of dialect in the standings of society. Professor Higgins wagers Colnel Pickering that he can take a girl like the flower girl nearby, and transform her into a Duchess in a short time.

Dirty Dusting by Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood - June 20th-25th Directed by Anna Snell

When tree cleaners, Olive, Gladys and Elsie are threatened with redundancy they feel that their lives are coming to an end. That is, until a chance wrong number gives them a new business start-up idea - why not run a telephone sex-line? They've got motive, opportunity and a lifetime of experience - some more than others, mind you.

Providing Elsie can teach the other two a few new tricks, there's no reason why they can't get rick quick, as long as they can keep their operation secret from their bosses ... and husbands ... and children ... and grandchildren!

A searing indictment of ageism in the 21st Century heavily disguised as a hysterical, laugh-out-loud, heart-warming comedy.

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