Saturday Matinée Parking Restrictions

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Very recently, Sunderland City Council extended their Community Parking Management Scheme (CPMS) into the area surrounding the Royalty Theatre. This affects those coming to our Saturday afternoon pantomime shows as many streets will require permits for parking at various times, including Saturdays between 3pm and 4pm. Further information on this scheme is available from the council’s website here.

Fortunately, other options are available. The University of Sunderland have car parks that are available to our customers. Details are available on our website in the section labelled “Parking” here.

There are of course cark parks in the city centre (the Bridges car park being nearest), and we are very close to University Metro and a number of bus routes, should those be practical options for you.

We can only apologise for whatever inconveniences the new restrictions may cause, but believe that the other available options should be suitable to allow all of our patrons to be able to attend and have an enjoyable afternoon.